The French Gourmet Scoop'N Bake muffin selections are featured in 3 traditional flavors and in a plain batter, allowing you to create you very own signature flavors in a short time . Their reputation was built on their light texture, taste, and above all, how remarkably moist they are.

The yield obtained is some 20% more than the norm, so, you use less batter. Make any size by simply thawing the batter, scoop and bake. Or, select our dry muffin mix base to make your own batter and selection of flavors.

Either way, we guarantee you that French Gourmet muffins are muffins like no other. But don't take our word for it.

As Executive Pastry Chef Yves Matthey from the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong says, "We use French Gourmet muffins, and, in my opinion, they are the best in Hong Kong. They are very moist and melt in your mouth."

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